Over the years, AthFest Educates has received generous contributions from individuals, businesses, and foundations to help us support high-quality music and arts education for young people in Athens-Clarke County.  We extend our deepest gratitude to our supporters. Our thanks go to:


Athens Area Community Foundation
The Cook Family Fund
The Sylvia and William Gretsch Memorial Foundation
The McCormack Foundation
The Todd Emily Community Fund at AACF
Northeast Georgia Regional Development Center (Grassroots Arts Program)
Riverview Foundation

Businesses and Groups

Bel-Jean Copy & Print Center
Chastain & Associates Insurance Agency
Koons Environmental Design
Paul A. Thomas, CPA
Trinity Accounting Group


Anonymous Contributions
Alexandra Anderson
Anita Aubrey
Troy Aubrey (board member)
Catherine Bourg
Janet Caplice
Tina Carpenter
Debby Cherry
Sarah Cook
Sean Cook (board member)
Mary L. Daly
Jody and Monica Daniels
Beth Davis
Wanda Dooper
Katherine and Bertis Downs
Ginger Duensing
Daniel Everett
Bill Fay
Dean Firschein
Sarah and Jack Frierson
Bob Gadd
Katherine Green
Russ Hallauer (board member)
Blake Hartis
Nina Hellerstein
Jill Helme (director)
Frances Hensley
Kristin Ann Humbard
Kimberly Klonowski
Debbie and Terry London
Will Leitch
Brandon Lord
Carol and Frank Lusk
Dr. Julia Marlowe
Nick Maulding
Betty Merva
Vicki Michaelis
John and Mary Munnell
Connie Muscenti
Erik Ness
Larry and Ally Newman
Annette Nelson
Alicia Nickles (board member)
Paige Oelke
Jim Okey
Mr. and Mrs. Freddy Rather
Paul Reavis (board member)
Bryan Reber
Lucy Rowland
Julie Roth (board member)
Ira Roth, D.V.M.
Ann Sanford
The Schoenecker Family
Paula Schwanenflugel
Janine Sheedy (board member)
Sophie Shuman
Libby Simon
Ethelyn Simpson
Tres Small
Kirby Smith
Diana Soloway
Allison and Donald Strickland
Dr. Roger Swagler
Erin Towery
Lauren Baggett White (board member)
Andrew Whitehead
Jay Wucher
Steve and Myrna Yarbrough
Jennifer Zwirn (board member)